Wednesday, May 20, 2020

"Miracle" Nail Gel? Not So Much

I haven’t seen my real nails in 30 years. I’ve had to resort to doing my own nails since at home! I went a couple of weeks with no nail polish in the beginning to try to restore their health—my nails were completely broken. So when I used this SALLY HANSEN MIRACLE GEL to paint them again, I had really high hopes. Frill Seeker was a great color for me because I love neutral tones. Although my nails are really short, when I painted them, I thought they looked pretty good! The polish went on really smooth and dried very quickly, but that lasted about one day. I was ultimately very disappointed in this product and if I could, I’d give it a -0. Too bad you can’t return anything anymore.


Price: $9.99 at Ulta Beauty

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