Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Natural Beachy Waves From the Comfort of Your Home

I’m pretty plain-Jane when it comes to my hair. I usually go for straight-sleek look, and the only hair tool I’ve mastered is the flat-iron. One reason for this is that my hair doesn’t hold curl very well and I hate having stick-like hair from too much hairspray when I do try to curl it and have it last for a few hours. I love getting my hair cut because they always give me beachy waves before I leave, and I feel glamorous for a few hours, but I can never recreate the look on my own. 

I was excited to try this KERASTASE SPRAY A PORTER TEXTURIZING HAIR SPRAY because Kerastase is a great hair brand and I was hoping maybe this was the missing ingredient for my beachy-waves dream. I looked up the product online and found an instructional video for how to use it to get beachy-waves (using a flat-iron)! So, I gave it a shot. And, it WORKED! I got beachy waves in under 10-minutes. I loved the way my hair looked. The only thing I didn’t like about the product was that my hair still felt kind of straw-like after I broke up the curls with my fingers.


I really hate this feeling that I have hairspray in, so that makes me give it 4 kisses instead of 5. But other than that it’s a great product!



Get it for $28.00 at Kerastase

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