Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Got a Spray Tan? Gotta Get "Got Me Whipped"

Back in the middle of March, before Covid-19 was running rampant, I was going to attend a wedding in South Georgia and there was a high chance it would be warm outside. I decided to wear a sleeveless short dress and wanted to have a nice tan for it (I got my tan at Spray Studio FYI and it was amazing). The girl at the studio recommended this GOT ME WHIPPED BODY BUTTER to keep my skin moisturized to help the tan last longer. The lady who owned Spray Studio said it was all-natural, frothy and light. I ended up purchasing it and it’s really amazing—it has the best texture and really stays on! It’s a little greasy in the beginning so I wouldn’t recommend putting a silk dress or anything on soon that it could stain. I purchased the unscented version but later on put some lavender oil in it to give it a little scent and it was perfect. 

5 kisses!


Get it for $29.00 at Shop Spray Studio

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