Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Don't Usually Use 2-in-1 Products, But This Was "Honestly" the Best

In the old days, when I would be at my health club and take a shower and see a dispenser that said “Body Wash and Shampoo” I would always cringe. However, since I’m trying to use more natural soaps and deodorants these days to get away from all the chemicals, when I saw this HONEST SHAMPOO AND BODY WASH product, I had to try it. I was initially going to use it just as body wash, but I loved the smell of it so much I decided to wash my hair with it once to see what it would be like. Lo and behold, my very fine hair was amazingly fluffy! I definitely had to use a conditioner with it to get out tangles, but if you’re someone trying to eliminate bottles out of your shower or one less step in your routine, this product is for you.


I loved the smell and the results, so 5 kisses from me!


Get it for $9.95 at Honest

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