Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Eyeshadow to Make Your Eyes Standout

I was so excited to try this TETRIS X IPSY BLOCK PARTY EYESHADOW out. I am a huge fan of eyeshadow and never leave the house without some color on my eyelids, whether it’s a fun smoky eye for going out, or just a light shimmer for my everyday look. I’ve never ventured out into bold colors, though, so this was the perfect opportunity to see how I liked it. I experimented one night by putting a little bit in the corner of the eye for a pop, and I really liked the look. The blue made my blue eyes really stand out! Another night I applied it more on my eyelid, but it felt too heavy when I tried to make it my main color. Overall, I really loved the color of this eyeshadow and felt that it stayed on well (though I had an eyelid primer on which probably helped).


It was a little smudgy putting it on and I had to use a Q-tip to clean it up, so that makes me want to give it 4 kisses instead of 5. Big fan, though!



Got it from an IPSY package

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