Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Eyeshadow to Make Your Eyes Standout

I was so excited to try this TETRIS X IPSY BLOCK PARTY EYESHADOW out. I am a huge fan of eyeshadow and never leave the house without some color on my eyelids, whether it’s a fun smoky eye for going out, or just a light shimmer for my everyday look. I’ve never ventured out into bold colors, though, so this was the perfect opportunity to see how I liked it. I experimented one night by putting a little bit in the corner of the eye for a pop, and I really liked the look. The blue made my blue eyes really stand out! Another night I applied it more on my eyelid, but it felt too heavy when I tried to make it my main color. Overall, I really loved the color of this eyeshadow and felt that it stayed on well (though I had an eyelid primer on which probably helped).


It was a little smudgy putting it on and I had to use a Q-tip to clean it up, so that makes me want to give it 4 kisses instead of 5. Big fan, though!



Got it from an IPSY package

Liquid Eyeliner Lasts For Hours But Not for Eyeliner Beginners

As a blonde with blue eyes, I’m always hesitant about wearing makeup that looks too dark or heavy on my complexion. I’ve tended to stay away from eyeliner in the past, except for special occasions when I want to really do myself up, like a date night or nice event. Also, to be honest, I’m really quite bad at putting on eyeliner and it takes me forever to apply, which also makes me not wear it as often because I never give myself enough time to try it.


I decided to give the CHELLA EYELINER PEN a try before going out to a birthday dinner, to see if my friends would notice that I tried eyeliner again. I gave myself plenty of time (assuming there would be lots of errors), and even then, it wasn’t enough. Let me tell you, as someone who has never used liquid eyeliner before, this was a difficult product to start with. I’m sure that it’s fine tip of precision is exactly what people want, but as an eyeliner amateur, it was difficult to stay in a straight line. I did love the brown color, though, and it dried very quickly and didn’t smudge. However, since I had botched it and was out of time, I had to take it off. It came off with a good makeup remover and a took a little to rub off, which proved that it would have lasted for hours. I’m keen to try this product again after watching a few YouTube videos. Stay tuned for my next liquid eyeliner testing!


I’m going to give it 3 kisses because it’s not for beginners and has little room for error but has a good color and would stay on long!



Get it for $21.00 at Chella

Non-Sticky Lipgloss to Always Have in Your Purse

I’m not a huge fan of lip makeup, and have never tried lipsticks, lip pencils or any products like that before. Mainly, it’s because I don’t love the feeling of having color on my lips or something that could get messed up, and also don’t love the feeling of stickiness on my drink. I think it looks great on other people, but I prefer a nude lip-gloss just for a little shine throughout the night. I was excited to try this PIXI BY PETRA LIFT LIP MAX lip-gloss because I’m always on the hunt for non-sticky, long-lasting glosses to invest in (because I lose them so often), but was a little hesitant about the darker shade of this one. I liked this lip-gloss because it smelled like peppermint and wasn’t too sticky. However, the shade was too dark for me, and I don’t think it’s an everyday-wear sort of lip-gloss that I look for.


I give this 3 kisses!



Get it for $14.00 at Pixi Beauty

This BellaPierre Setting Powder Lasts All Night

If you haven’t caught on yet, I have very oily skin and am constantly looking for products that help with my shine and help my makeup last, without looking cakey. I have been using the Urban Decay De-Slick Mattifying powder for the past 6 months but unfortunately, I dropped the compact recently and the rest of the product was destroyed. To cope with my sadness of losing my favorite powder, I decided to start trying out new products that would have the same effect to see if there’s any that hold up to my old love. I tried this BELLAPIERRE COSMETICS BANANA SETTING POWDER one night when I knew that I would be out for hours and wanted to see if it would last without having to retouch it more than once. Here’s what I loved about this product: 

  • It kept my face oil-free for the night (until I started dancing, but that one’s on me)
  • The yellowish color helped cover the last bit of redness on my face and made my skin look even and smooth

I thought the product was a little difficult to get out of the container and because it’s such fine powder, it got everywhere but I’m also used to using a pressed powder so I may just have to get used to a fine powder.


I really loved this product and give it 5 kisses!


Get it for $35.00 at Belle Pierre

Clearer and Brighter Skin from Canadian Pore Mask

If a product has the words “pore cleanser” on it, I’m immediately all in. I have pretty oily skin and workout a lot, so I always have a nice concoction of sweat and dirt in my pores. When I got this sample of NEOGEN DERMALOGY CANADIAN CLAY PORE CLEANSER there weren’t any instructions on it, so I went with the traditional face mask attempt and applied it evenly all over my face and let it sit for a few minutes. It was easy to apply and did not make a mess, which I appreciated. 

It started bubbling after about 2 minutes. I love feeling bubbles from a face mask because this proves it’s actually doing something! The bubbles don’t get big, basically the mask just changes texture on your face. I left it on for 5 minutes total because I thought maybe it was done working after the bubbling completely stopped. I rinsed my face with warm water and the product came off easily, with no parts left to scrub off. I noticed that my skin immediately looked clearer and brighter! My pores looked smaller overall, except I still had some blackheads left on my nose.


I would give this product 4 kisses for overall ease of use and also the immediate effects, but I wish it had done more for my blackheads that I try so hard to get rid of!



Get it for $27.00 at Amazon

Volumize Your Lashes With High Definition Mascara

My criteria for mascara isn’t too intense: non-clumpy, full coverage and length. Sometimes I have to combine mascaras to get the full-effect, but I’ve really loved my Maybelline Clump Crusher. I’m always excited to try new mascara, though, so I put this SERAPHINE CURL IMPERIAL HIGH DEFINITION CURLING MASCARA on before a long day away from the house. It went on easy, was non-clumpy and definitely gave my lashes volume. It lacked the fullness that I find in some other mascaras, but it’s a great daytime mascara to make your eyes stand out.


4 kisses!



Get it for $19.49 at Amazon

Not-so-Luminous Lip Gloss

I wasn’t sure if I would love the color of this MAKE BEAUTY CREAM LUMINOUS LIP GLOSS

(color is Nasturtium), and unfortunately, I didn’t love it. It was just too dark for me. Additionally, this didn’t really have the light coverage of a lip-gloss. It felt like a lip-gloss but looked more like the deep coverage of a lipstick once it was on. It smelled great, though, and lasted a long time!


3 kisses.



Get it for $25.00 at Amazon