Wednesday, May 20, 2020

Non-Sticky Lip Gloss to Always Have in Your Purse

I’m not a huge fan of lip makeup, and have never tried lipsticks, lip pencils or any products like that before. Mainly, it’s because I don’t love the feeling of having color on my lips or something that could get messed up, and also don’t love the feeling of stickiness on my drink. I think it looks great on other people, but I prefer a nude lip-gloss just for a little shine throughout the night. I was excited to try this PIXI BY PETRA LIFT LIP MAX lip-gloss because I’m always on the hunt for non-sticky, long-lasting glosses to invest in (because I lose them so often), but was a little hesitant about the darker shade of this one. I liked this lip-gloss because it smelled like peppermint and wasn’t too sticky. However, the shade was too dark for me, and I don’t think it’s an everyday-wear sort of lip-gloss that I look for.


I give this 3 kisses!



Get it for $14.00 at Pixi Beauty

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