Wednesday, December 18, 2019

The Best Eye Dark Circle Concealer at a Bargain Price

I am constantly on the hunt for the best concealer on the planet. I’ve had dark circles under my eyes my whole life and of course, I’ve tried all the expensive ones – but this one wins. And it’s only $10 (or less) – go figure. I’ve been using MAYBELLINE INSTANT AGE REWIND DARK CIRCLE ERASER (color: Honey Miel) for almost two years now and I swear it’s just as good as anything expensive out on the market. 

Here’s what I love about it: 
 • The foam applicator makes it go on very smoothly 
 • It’s very light and dries quickly 
 • 18 shades for every skin tone 

A piece of advice I give older women is to always put an eye cream underneath their concealer! 

I give this five kisses.

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