Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Stay Out of the Sun and Get a Golden Tan That Doesn't Look Fake

Oooh, I love this stuff!

I had this trip planned for the beach and didn’t want to blend in with the sand. The girl at Sephora swore by TAN-LUXE ILLUMINATING SELF-TAN DROPS and me, being the sucker that I am, bought it for $59 (50ml). Crazy, I know, but I wanted to look good at the beach, so price didn’t matter at that moment.

Here’s what you do: mix it with your favorite body lotion – the more drops you use, the darker you become. If you apply it for the first time in the morning, you will see the tan start to come in the afternoon. Reapply it for the next three days and you’ll get a golden tan that doesn’t look fake. Of course, you have to wipe off your knees, elbows and inside of your arms to avoid the fake tan look. After about 3 days you probably only need to reapply it every other day, or even every 3rd day. I also suggest exfoliating at least once a week. Available in drops for the body and drops for the face with options for light/medium or medium/dark skin tones. pH 45 to minimize typical self-tanner smell.

I give this five kisses. For what I wanted, it totally did the job!


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