Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Here’s a Face Mask Experience Worth Skipping an Evening Out For

I love face masks, maybe even an unhealthy amount, but I firmly believe that the true test of a good mask is one that you will cancel plans for. And let me tell you, GLAMGLOW’s GRAVITYMUD FIRMING TREATMENT MASK was way worth not squeezing into my jeans and spending $50 on dinner and drinks. With my Turbie towel on and Gilmore Girls queued, I tried the facemask that would redefine what I looked for in face masks. 

Here’s why I loved this product: 
 • Went on very smooth and easy to apply with my hands 
 • Sleek silver color • Peeled off easy – I have never had a mask that actually peels off easy 
 • Left my skin feeling soft and bright 

My only tip is to definitely avoid your hairline and eyebrows. Fatal mistake when taking it off. 

I give it five kisses, though, and would definitely miss another night out for it. 

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