Monday, October 27, 2014

Which razor gives the best shave????

Gillett Venus Razors:
I’ve been using the Venus Breeze razor with built-in shave gel bars and I have really noticed a difference in the smoothness of my legs! As you know, talking about my dry skin is becoming my favorite subject—rather products that cure my indisputable dry skin. I used the Breeze razor this summer and there was a vibrant smoothness to my legs, even when I forgot to put on lotion—this is especially rare since I shave my legs everyday, which makes them even more prone to sensitivity and dryness. In the past I have always used shaving cream or soap to shave, which more often than not, left my legs looking like a dried up alligator; however, with the Breeze you truly only need water and will see visible smoothness in your skin. I love the Venus Breeze razor! I keep a little one in my travel bad and I use the regular size daily—a blade typically lasts 3 weeks, 4 if I’m lucky; however, it’s worth paying for more blades! Prepare to see results. 5 Kisses from me
$9.49 for a razor + two catridges, at any drugstore


Venus. Reminds me of my teens. This is one product Carol and I disagree on. I used the Venus Breeze razors for years and I liked them, but I never loved the results. While they did leave my skin feeling smooth, I didn’t think the blades got a close enough shave, especially when I shaved day after day. I use the Gillett Schick Hydro 5 Men’s razor and I am always impressed with the results; it gives a close shave and doesn’t irritate your skin (especially if you are prone to razor burn). I recommend this razor for any woman and even better, the blades last up to a month and come with a moisture strip for added moisture!
3 Kisses for the Venus Breeze, 5 Kisses for the Schick Hydro 5 for Men.
$12.99 for razor + 2 cartridges, found at any drugstore.