Wednesday, February 12, 2014

LOVING Yves Saint Laurent face creams !

A couple months ago, my husband and I were invited to a fundraiser where they were giving away door prices. With a weak track record for winning prizes, I didn’t think twice about the door prices as I assumed my luck would continue and I would walk away with nothing. Low and behold, however, I heard my husbands name called out, I screamed when I heard what my husband had won—a bag of Yves Saint Laurent cosmetics and skin care. My luck clearly must be changing. The bag of goodies was brought to the table and immediately I snatched it out of my husbands’ hands. The bag of gold, as some could call it, contained the following YSL products:

 Yves Saint Laurent: Forever Youth Liberator SPF 15 Day Crème
Let’s begin with the beautiful glass jar that the YSL day cream comes in. The jar looks great on any bathroom counter or makeup vanity, as it has a vintage, sexy look. However, the downfall to this sultry jar is the surprising heavy weight—so heavy, that more than once I have almost dropped the jar after applying the crème. 
The cream didn’t seem thick enough for my skin type, so I immediately assumed this product was only going to be useful for its’ visual appeal. After using it for a few weeks, however, I'm in love—unfortunately, though, I’ve fallen for a very expensive product. I am outside often to walk my dogs, but nonetheless, the light cream keeps my skin feeling perfectly moisturized without the greasy feeling. Usually, my skin becomes dry and chapped during the winter months; however, I have not suffered from chapped skin this winter thanks to the YSL day cream. After thoughtful consideration I give the day cream 4 kisses—I would give it 5 if the jar wasn’t so heavy. Moreover, I can't help to think that a significant amount of the price is due to the expensive jar. $150.00

Yves Saint Laurent: Forever Youth Liberator Night Crème
Unfortunately, the YSL night cream comes in the same heavy jar as the day cream. But, the night cream is thicker than the day cream. It is a rich and velvety smooth cream that doesn’t feel heavy on my skin; a little bit goes a long way. The one thing I don’t like about both YSL creams’ is that the jars look exactly alike. The only way I could differentiate the two was to put a dot of nail polish on top of one. All in all, I like the night cream. It appears to be doing its job, as it doesn’t cause my skin to break out and I wake up with my face feeling supple. Due to the heavy and expensive jar, I give the night cream 4 kisses. $165.00

Yves Saint Laurent: Forever Light Creator Serum
The jury is still out on this. Fortunately, I only have one little brown spot on my face so it is hard for me to determine if the light creator serum is working. My spot seems to be a little bit lighter, but I’ll have to report back in a few months with a more detailed report. Kisses to come—as I am still testing this serum. $180.00