Thursday, December 26, 2013

Pore no more cleanser, by Dr. Brandt

Pore no more cleanser, by Dr. Brandt:  
This face wash is another product Holly and I both tried. This incredibly thin face wash made my skin dry; however, my face felt exceptionally clean when I used it with my Clarisonic face brush, even after a full day of working out and being outside in the sun (with sun block of course!). I give it 3 kisses. $35.00


The Pore No More cleanser is for Oily/combination skin, which is exactly how I would describe my skin. I was paranoid about putting a new product on my face and straying away from the prescription face wash my dermatologist prescribed years ago. Since the cleanser is in a perfect travel sized bottle, I tried the wash while I was at the beach, when my face felt extremely dirty from the salt, sunscreen, etc. After a week of using the face wash, I definitely agree with Carol. This wash made my skin feel beyond clean; however, it really dried my skin out. Due to the dryness, I give the face wash 2 kisses.


Saturday, December 7, 2013

Wen hair product:  
I’ll admit to it, occasionally I’ll stop and watch QVC. One night while watching, I came across a hair stylist who sold a conditioning shampoo he called “Wen.” Though it seemed appealing, we all know how television can make things look better than they really are (the Kardashian’s come to mind). Even more so, having worked in the industry, I was well aware of the tools used to alter TV appearances. But nonetheless, the stylist was an incredible sales representative and the models’ hair truly looked perfect after using the Wen shampoo. I was too hesitant to give in that night, so even though I passed on buying the Wen hair product, the name stayed in the back of my mind. A few weeks later, my husband and I were having dinner with a straight male who was in his 60’s with a full head of hair—not the type of person I would predict to buy hair products; however, he had bought Wen at Sephora (this was new knowledge to me) and could not stop talking about it. Inspired, I went to Sephora and purchased the Wen conditioning shampoo. I was still skeptical to how my hair would react to this product. My hair is cut short, and though I have a lot of it, it is baby-fine oily (it’s also the only oily part of my body), as it is straight and fine, it becomes flat easily. I was taken off guard my first use because this conditioning shampoo did not stud up at all! It felt as if I was washing my hair with conditioner, but I am in LOVE with this hair product and give it 5 kisses. Holly will be trying this product soon, and I’m curious to what her take will be on it—we’ll keep you posted. $29.95

I’ve been using the Wen shampoo for about a month now. Right off the bat, I absolutely love how much time it saves in the shower. Living in Atlanta in the summertime, styling my hair is always a fighting battle, especially with this summer with the constant rain and humidity. I’ve found the Wen Shampoo makes my hair a bit greasier than usual (this could also be from the weather); however, it does leave my hair feeling silky smooth. Another plus, the Wen shampoo has completely rid my dry hair from being in the chlorine constantly. I’m still playing around with my usage of the shampoo but so far, it has been great! I give the Wen hair product 4 kisses.

Welcome to my new beauty blog!

For forty years, I have been an actively involved in the beauty world, from modeling to plastic surgery consultations, my background and experience covers an extremely broad spectrum. Fittingly, friends, family, and just about anyone are always asking me what products to buy; so, I have decided to share my knowledge with you, my readers. I’ve discovered where my love and appreciation for quality beauty products has come from—the entirety of my life experiences. So, I hope that my blog—a collection of my knowledge, practice, and understanding—will provide you, my readers, with fun, honest, and most importantly, truthful information about any and all cosmetic products.
When creating my Beauty Blog, I realized in order to truly give a full range of beauty reviews on all types of products, I would need a younger (and almost my opposite when it comes to skin and hair) party to give insight as well. Allow me to introduce my younger co-blogger, Holly Joel. Holly is an avid beauty/cosmetic product user. From nails to hair, she has tried almost every product out there with a rage of price tags (well, almost any price tag, after all she is a college student). As my co-blogger, I’m looking forward to Holly providing her insight, as a young adult, on various beauty products.
We hope this blog will answer your questions, and help guide you in the right direction when it comes to which beauty products to buy and which products to pass. After all, is there anything worse than spending your hard earned dollar on a cosmetic product and dumping it in the trash after a few uses? We agree. To make sure all the bases are covered and your money is being spent wisely, we’ll be testing everything from high-end products to drug store finds and everything in between. As you’ll see, each product is rated with “kisses”—the products we love are given five big kisses, the ones we like but don’t love are given only two or three kisses, and so on. So here it is: the truth about all types of beauty products! 

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Bare Minerals Marvelous Moxie Lip-Gloss: (in Spark Plug). For this product, Holly and I had opposing views. I love thick, gooey, lip-gloss because for me, it stays on longer. That is exactly what this lip-gloss is! I give it 5 kisses. $18.00 at Sephora 

— CM

I like thin, non-sticky, more matte lip-gloss (Tarte makes a great line of lip-glosses). The Moxie lip-gloss definitely gave luminous shine; however, for my preference, this lip-gloss was much too thick and gooey. I give the Bare Minerals Marvelous Lip-Gloss 1 kiss.