Monday, June 27, 2011

Carol's Beauty Blog: Hunting Hot New Products at New York Show

Carol Martin, with made-up men at The Blue Man
Show, Las Vegas

By Carol Martin, The Informed Choice, © cmmartin, all rights reserved

NEW YORK, N.Y.—LIVE, from New York...iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit's Makeup Madness, and we're psyched.

Come Tuesday, June 28, we’ll be chasing what's new, new, new from our favorite brands at one of the hottest new product conventions in the world, held this time, in The Big Apple, where we’ll be reporting for Carol Martin’s Beauty Blog.

You know our motto: if it's going to make you prettier or thinner, it's going to be a winner.

And that's what well be hunting on the floor of the HBA Global Expo and Conference, reporting on winners in the worlds of beauty and cosmetics, and the industry innovators who set trends and styles for the future.

So look for us, cameraman in tow, sashaying about in high heeled sneakers, or something comfortable enough to walk stylishly past miles of cosmetics counters and the high gloss lipstick smiles on models gloriously painted with the latest colors and creations to check out what the brains of the beauty world, industry product developers, and beauty brand movers and shakers want us to love and buy.