Saturday, December 12, 2009

The Little Book of Lipo Release Announced

Cosmetic Surgery Boost to Self Esteem
The Little Book of Lipo Release Announced

Carol Martin of The Informed Choice Releases First in a Series of Books on Cosmetic Surgery

ATLANTA - To her clients, cosmetic surgery consultant and consumer advocate Carol Martin is an anti-aging miracle.

At 50, she posed in the same style orange lycra Speedo she wore as a model of 21, and now preaches her safe cosmetic surgery gospel on CNN, ET, The Insider, Discovery, and in magazines like Glamour, offering tips on how find the best doctor and sail through surgery and recovery like a pro.

Now, Martin shares her experience and cosmetic surgery secrets in her new book, "The Little Book of Lipo," (Busystreet Press, 2008, available on, an insider's guide to the most popular plastic surgery procedure in the country: Liposuction, and how to get through it safely with top results.

Saddened by the plastic surgery-related deaths of Kanye West's mother, and others Martin says are often preventable with the right knowledge, the consultant had always wanted to write a "Bible" on cosmetic procedures, she says.

"The Little Book of Lipo" is the first in a series of books on different surgeries Martin plans to write about-she's had them all - gleaned from her own experience, interviews with dozens of surgeons and feedback from more than 1,000 clients she's advised over the last decade.

Dr. James Wells, past President of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, calls Martin's book, "eminently readable. Any patient considering liposuction is well advised to read it cover to cover."

"You can trust what you learn from this book. There is no agenda here except to educate the consumer," says Dr. Vince Zubowicz, a top Atlanta plastic surgeon who wrote the foreword. "You won't find this kind of unbiased information in the yellow pages or on someone's website."

He says patients Martin counsels "do very well because they are calmer and more confident when they walk in the door."

Martin is indeed a poster child for good surgery who arms readers with knowledge. In "The Little Book of Lipo," she offers checklists and red flags, how to find the right surgeon, prepare for lipo, and bounce back like a champ.

"I wanted to write a book that gave people everything they need to know but didn't know to ask," she says, offering readers what she's learned from 11 procedures of her own--nose, breasts, face, lipo, tummy tuck and more.

When she tells clients everything she's had done, they express disbelief. "My ideal is to preserve what you have, not drastically alter it," she says, "to look like you stopped the clock." Martin's secret? Timing and skilled surgeons, she says..

"You can look fantastic at any age if you treat your body as well as you treat your car," she says. "Why wait to fix your bumper AFTER it's dragging on the ground."

Martin lives in Atlanta, Ga., with her husband, two stepsons and a Jack Russell named Zipper.

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Contact Carol Martin, The Informed Choice, 404.812.7077

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Usher Wife...what was she thinking?????

Usher, Usher, Usher, why didn’t you call me? Your wife was only four months post-partum and has suffered cardiac arrest after plastic surgery! Here’s a man, who lives in Atlanta, where I’m based, who takes the advice of a friend. Obviously, someone who knows nothing about plastic surgery, and recommends for his wife to go to Brazil to have two very common surgeries – liposuction and a tummy tuck- that are performed in abundance here in the United States. One of the first things I worn my clients about is to have surgery close to home in case there are complications. One of the biggest things I think Tameka, Usher’s wife made, is that she was only post partum four months. Any reputable plastic surgeon wouldn’t touch a post-partum patient until at least six months but most won’t for even a year, depending on what the surgery is.

I hate it when I read stories like this. Here’s a woman, who obviously jumped into something that she knew nothing about and has taken a huge risk. I hope Tameka will be back in the states soon, where she can heal and be with her family again.

A story like this is always very disturbing to me. Here you have a famous artist, that takes advice from a friend that obviously knows nothing about cosmetic surgery and recommends for his wife to go to Brazil, to have a very common procedures performed that very well could have been done here in the United States. Brazil has some excellent doctors, in fact, many of them are pioneers in the industry, but I can promise you one thing, NO reputable American doctor would have ever performed a cosmetic surgery procedure on a woman who was only post-partum four months. This is so unnecessary and so sad. I hope others can learn from this unfortunate situation.

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Who is Dr. Alan Bittner?

I can tell you who he’s not. He’s a doctor who has the audacity to promote himself as a plastic surgeon, when he’s only taken a course at a hotel on how to perform liposuction. He’s also arrogant enough to promote himself to the Dr. 90210 show knowing he is no more qualified to perform cosmetic surgery. Why? Because he’s a Radiologist. People, what don’t we get about this? Everybody needs to wake up and do their homework about who they choose to perform their cosmetic surgery.

I’m not going to go on and on about this, but please, click on for more information. Or, if you’re considering liposuction, please go to and order my book, The Little Book of Lipo. It will save you time and possibly save your life.