Friday, November 23, 2007

Kanye’s Mom: Donda West Tragedy and Dr. Jan Adams

  My question: how was this guy on television for years and no one ever questioned whether he was board certified or not? Dr. Jan Adams, star of Discovery Channel and a pioneer surgery show that hit the screen before Extreme Makeover (Plastic Surgery, Before and After)… Now he’s got troubles, we learn, alleged drinking issues, an array of malpractice suits and serious questions about precautions he took and how closely Donda West was monitored before and after surgery. But we also learn he’s a general surgeon who has reportedly done a residency in plastic surgery and a fellowship in aesthetic surgery. That’s on his website. But my question is why didn’t he take his board exams for plastic surgery? That’s a big red flag…or did he take the boards and failed?? All questions that need to be answered, and harsh reminders why I dig into doctors’ education and work history before they get my Good Houskeeping Seal.  For example, a surgeon has to be board certified, to be a member of the Aesthetic Society, a prestigious group of top cosmetic surgeons for whom surgery is an art and a science…But to even become board certified, the first step to Olympus,  you have  practice a minimum of two years at the same place before you can apply for board certification.  I’d like to see Dr. Adams CV and check his dates…If Dr. Adams fudged his past, shame on him, but it’s an unregulated world of surgery with little oversight for the consumer. That’s why I urge a thorough and independent vetting of docs you are considering…and urge you ask them for other patients you can talk to…before you go under the knife. In my new book that hits Amazon in January, “The Little Book of Lipo,” I have a chapter that offers a checklist on how to choose your surgeon to be safe, and how to prepare and recover quickly.  Check out my site

Holiday Surgery:Tis the season to be golly!!

Golly, you look so … good, so relaxed…where did you go over the holidays?

That’s the reaction you want to your surgery after the holidays, so make sure you pick a doc who will preserve your natural beauty, not someone with radical ideas of who he or she wants you to be. You are the boss, so pick a great surgeon, slip away to bounce back and unwrap yourself at the right time.



Nose Job for Singer Deborah Gibson!

Her acquiline nose looked just fine to us in the Before photo in the same magazine. As for the after pic, well, it looks….BENT?


We thought her mini ski slope had character and gave her more sould and natural beauty that Barbie Babe. We also note she looks like she’s had a brow lift, and maybe a little botox, that gives her face a frozen look.


In her After shot, we looks like a 40 year old woman with bad plastic surgery when she’s 37 and so full of character in her BEFORE face.


What I tell my clients about nose jobs: make sure you pick a surgeon who does A LOT of noses. It’s the most difficult surgery out there to get right, and your nose will get noticed – especially if it alters the who you are in how you look.

More Cosmetic Surgery for Britney Spears?????

Our favorite Diva of Self-Destruction, Britney Spears, is eyeing more plastic surgery, according to the Dec. 3 issue of weekly Life & Style magazine.


But we’d warn our bayou babe to be careful—and don’t get nipped and tucked for all the wrong reasons—magic thinking that re-curving yourself will make all your problems, poof, go away.


It’s one of the first questions I ask my clients: why do you want to have a little work done? If I start hearing all about your Heartbreak Hotel: fear your man is straying, you gotta look like the Sizzle Sister next door, or in Brit’s case, marriage bust-up, DUI mashups, parenting issues, paparrazi addiction, maybe trying to win back K-Fed, well, it’s been my experience from talking to over a thousand clients (including a few stars who shall go nameless) over the years, surgery won’t salvage a dark night of the soul.

If Brit she gets her internal life straight, and starts feeling good inside her own skin, that’s the time to consider a tweak here or a tuck there. Get therapy, rehab, physically fit, work on the music, kick the CD into play…


From eyeing her pictures, I can see she’s had her lips injected, breasts aug, and nose done. As far as lipo and a tummy tuck, rumor has it she’s eyeing, well, Kanye’s Mom is ever on my mind, so lots of research and a top doc would be my advice, and don’t rush it.


The best results and happiest patients are those who get surgery for all the right reasons.