Monday, April 23, 2007

Want long eyelashes?Here is the stuff

Talk about COOL STUFF, Jan Marini cosmetics has developed a liquid eyelash grower! Apparently, glaucoma patients noticed that their eyelashes started growing like WEEDS after they used their drops. The people at Jan Marini then turned that nifty side benefit into a product that, well, sort of waters eyelashes to make them grow. Now instead of reaching for fake lashes, we can grow our own…I would not believe it had I not seen it with my own eyes.

Age Intervention® Eyelash Conditioner*

NEW! Breakthrough Technology

Your Lashes Will Appear Fuller, Thicker and More Lustrous

Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner can produce dramatic improvement in the appearance of volume, texture and density.

By using breakthrough technology that features reconstructive components, Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner prevents new virgin hair from being adversely affected by cosmetic and environmental factors.

Plus, by increasing flexibility and preventing breakage, eyelash hair can reach its full potential. Users will quickly perceive that their lashes appear far fuller and more lustrous.

.23 oz. mascara-style tube with eyeliner brush applicator (one tube lasts about six months

Got sun damage? Well, here is the stuff to fix it!

Seraphim Skin Care Rx* Peel & Bleach Cream for the Body I’ve been using them for years, and learned about Seraphim from watching the amazing woman who developed the products as she experimented in the early days, mixing up different combinations of skin care ingredients until, voila, she found the formulas that worked. And not a moment too soon for me. I was Miss Brown Spots, after baking in the sun for years, and hormonal changes in my 40s didn’t help, either.

Specifically, I had developed large brown splotches on one side of my face and on my arms. Then I started using Seraphim, and the spots disappeared.

I also use the bleach and peel for the body, peel and bleach for the face; both are prescription strength.

Seraphim Skin Care Rx* Peel & Bleach Cream for the Body

You’ll agree this revolutionary product is a real breakthrough in skin care.

Use with our Lotion Applicator for easy application.

Seraphim all-in-one Peel & Bleach Cream for the body will bleach, tone, diminish the appearance of spider veins and remove sunspots. The results are stunning!

Rx Active Ingredient: .05% Tretinoin,
4% Hydroquinone