Friday, October 6, 2017

Pacifica Coconut Blush: the Perfect Pinks

Pacifica's new Coconut Blush shades, Beaming and Tenderheart a creamy brown and a soft rose, respectively, are amazing colors and perfect for any skin tone.

But unfortunately, my positive reaction stops there. When I went to pat my brush onto the powder, the pigment went everywhere! This product just isn't packed tight enough. So much powder comes off and you end up with too much product on your brush. I ended up wasting so much blush. 

However, in efforts to redeem themselves, Pacifica put a mirror on the back of the shadow compact. How fun! 

And of course, this company always gets brownie points because they're vegan and better yet, cruelty free.

I give it 3 kisses.

Pacifica sells their coconut blushes for $12 each on

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