Friday, June 9, 2017

Simple Human The Sensor Mirror Pro Wide-View: A Poorly Lit Reflection

I went into Neiman with a gift certificate from a client. I didn't necessarily need anything, but don't we all need something from Neiman every once in a while? I was ecstatic to find Simple Human's The Sensor Mirror Pro Wide-View because it's supposed to adjust to different lighting. So in theory, if I want to look in the mirror and put on my makeup with lighting that reflects dawn, I could.

But in reality, I can't. While the lighting does change, it's not significant enough to justify this product's cost.

It does have some major pros, though, I must add. The light can be controlled with an app on your phone or tablet! Plus, it functions without a plug. It has a rechargeable battery that you just need a USB port to juice up again, but unfortunately, the mirror is heavy, which makes it a little difficult to move. So while the idea is not to have to move it, you might need to to charge it.

And the mirror itself tilts, which is perfect for applying mascara or false lashes!

But yet again, I was disappointed by the magnification in the mirror. I could've used a more significant magnification than the mirror gave me. Not to mention, the side mirrors don't stay angled unless you hold them. When I grow a third hand to hold my BlendSmart brush and the mirror at the same time, putting on makeup will be easier to manage.

But at least it looks gorgeous sitting atop my vanity.

I give it 3 kisses.

It's available on for $400.00.

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